At KKR, we view the management of ESG issues as a way to build value, and Ryan’s leadership and ability to partner with other teams at SunGard to strategically manage and measure the company’s most material environmental impacts directly supported our efforts to improve both environmental and business performance of participating private equity portfolio companies through the KKR Green Portfolio Program.

Elizabeth Seeger, Director, Sustainable Investing

Ryan was an essential part of helping to prepare a community of over 12,000 Microsoft employees for a major global product launch. From first conception of the strategy and programs through measuring successful outcomes, he was a trusted partner from start to finish. Ryan excelled at providing coherent structure to the programs and developing impactful communication platforms to engage a busy global technical community. I could consistently count on him to deliver efficient and outstanding results.

Zaakera Stratman, Senior Program Manager

Ryan played a critical role in operationalizing programs to drive results for one of our Fortune 500 portfolio companies. TPG takes an operational and functional approach to sustainability, striving to lessen waste, mitigate risk, improve social and environmental performance and create value through enhanced performance, investment returns, and customer and employee appeal. Ryan’s unique set of capabilities enabled the company to develop a strategy, craft governance and targets, implement the right management systems, and execute across functions to achieve measurable results in a large, complex organization.

Pat Tiernan, Senior Advisor, Field Operations Executive
TPG Capital