Utilizing our deep experience in business management, partnerships, communications, and organization development, Coalescent Services enables leaders within purpose-driven organizations to deliver results with impact.

Realize a vision for positive impact.

Advisory & Implementation Excellence

Coalescent Services provides end-to-end solutions, from identifying the best use of an organization’s resources for the greatest impact, to ensuring the successful rollout of programs, operational improvements, and transformation initiatives.

  • Strategy development
  • Program implementation
  • Strengthening operations
  • Organizational transformation
  • Technology solutions

Thought Leadership & Communications

Position your organization as a leader through the right mix of communications, introducing and effectively sharing knowledge and expertise that makes a difference.

  • Research
  • Issues briefs and reports
  • Content and online platforms
  • Knowledge management

Partnerships & Collaboration

To succeed, organizations must operate effectively within the larger systems where they seek to have an impact—whether it’s business outcomes or environmental or social impact. Effective cross-sector partnerships can be complex, but they are critical for longer term success.

  • Corporate, NGO, and government partnerships
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Project development

Sustainable Development & Corporate Sustainability

The risks and opportunities linked to environmental and social performance are recognized as important factors for business performance. Companies and development organizations alike recognize the value that can be created through responsible management of resources and the creation of shared value.

  • Oceans and Blue Economy
  • Energy and Climate
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Biodiversity and Forests
  • Waste and Circular Economy
  • Conservation Investment